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Crowne Plaza Helsinki – Hesperia | Instructions for the event builder

The 15 rooms of different sizes on the conference floor of the Crowne Plaza Helsinki – Hesperia hotel can be conveniently converted from meetings of a few people to events of up to 1,500 people. Whether your need is a meeting, party or exhibition, we will help you organize your event.

Building exhibitions

The exhibitor is responsible for setting up, decorating and cleaning his own stand. Nothing may be attached to the floor, walls, ceiling and pillars of the building. Possible fixing needs must be negotiated separately with the hotel’s meeting host. The exhibitor is responsible for any damage he causes to the building or exhibition area. The use of raised floors, exhibition and canopy structures, and carpet and duct tape must be negotiated separately. Painting in the exhibition section is prohibited. The use of blue sticker and painter’s tape is allowed on surfaces from which they come off without leaving traces.

The layout map of the exhibition must be approved by the hotel in advance.

Importing cars to the exhibition must be negotiated in advance. Bringing a car to the space requires its own ramps, protection under the tires (cardboard or carpet) and clean tires, which are agreed upon separately.

Transport and storage of goods

The best way to transport goods is through the doors on the meeting side from the Kivelänkatu side.

The hotel also has a loading dock that is connected to the freight elevator. The inside dimensions of the elevator are: door width 178 cm, door height 219 cm, elevator length 116 cm. The load capacity of the lift is 1000 kg.

Additional instructions on driving to the loading dock can be obtained from our hotel reception, tel. +358-9-2521 0000.

As a rule, there are only very limited storage facilities for exhibition materials.

The exhibitor is responsible for receiving, unpacking, storing and transporting the material after the exhibition.


The hotel is responsible for the general cleaning of the exhibition areas. The exhibitor is responsible for the special cleaning and cleaning of the exhibition stands. The exhibitor can agree with the hotel to take care of the cleaning for a separate fee. Garbage from construction and demolition must be taken away and any tapes must be removed from walls and furniture.

Fire safety and general safety

The exhibitor must pay attention to the following safety aspects:
– exit routes must be kept unobstructed
– only fire-safe materials (carpets and fabrics) may be used
– flammable liquids and gases may not be stored or used in the building
– the location of the smoke and heat detectors must be taken into account

Electricity and works

As the organizer, the exhibitor is responsible for the electrical equipment he brings to the stand.
Normal electricity consumption free of charge.
We charge for the three-phase electric power consumption according to the additional service price list.


The hotel is responsible for fire protection and general order, but not for the possible damage or loss of goods, structures, etc. in the exhibition stands, unless a separate agreement has been made with the hotel regarding the protection.


The exhibitor must take care of the insurances he deems necessary. In terms of storage and goods storage, the hotel is not responsible for the property unless a separate agreement has been made for the security of the property.

Official and other permits

The organizer of the exhibition and the exhibitor are obliged to obtain the necessary official permits at their own expense. The exhibitor is responsible for the fees required by the copyright law for the music presented in his stand. Direct sales in departments are only allowed if separately agreed upon.

Restaurant service

The hotel has exclusive rights to restaurant operations. The exhibitor does not have the right to serve products brought by himself at his stand, with the exception of the exhibitor’s own sweets or comparable products. We reserve the right to remove the products or charge a serving fee for the displayed products, if they do not correspond to the above instructions.

More information: Crowne Plaza Helsinki – Hesperia event coordinators tel. +358-9-4272 2508.

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